Dinajpur Barapukuria coal miners halt strike

January 11,a1news24: After the local administration intervened with a promise to mediate power ministry Agitating coal miners at Dinajpur districtls BAarapukuria have suspended the strike .

Meer Khairul Alam the Dinajpur Deputy Commissioner met with the workers led by union Rabiul Islam . After a 12-hour meeting, an understanding was reached in early hours of Wednesday and the workers announced the suspension of the strike.

In the meeting, the local officials promised to arrange a meeting with Ministry of Energy and Power to hear the workers’ demand.

Workers had been demonstrating since 2011 demanding regularization of jobs. According to the agitators, 1,041 miners had been working at the mine for a daily wage of Tk300 – a meager amount compared to the risks.

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